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All good things must come to an end as they say. However, in some cases the good things don’t end, they just change locations. And that is precisely what we are doing. We are blogging about mentoring at where you can count on getting valuable information and tips to improve personal and organizational mentoring.  And, while you are at it,let us know what topics you’d like to hear more about.


10 Good Reasons to Get a Mentor

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My 12 Tips for Mentoring Excellence (10-12)

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My 12 Tips for Mentoring Excellence (5-9)

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My 12 Tips for Mentoring Excellence (1-4)

12 Tips for Mentoring Excellence Mentoring Tip 1: Long distance mentoring communication often gets accomplished in sound bites – a quick email, a fax, or very short conversation. At other points, longer conversations or exchanges take place. Knowing which to … Continue reading


We are frequently asked for hints about how to establish a good distance mentoring relationship. Our response is always the same. Establishing a meaningful human connection and building the relationship are the foundation for building effective distance mentoring partnerships.
It is important to establish agreements from day one and to be accountable by continuously checking in to make sure you are on point.

TAKEAWAY: Tips for distance mentoring success:

1. Invest time and effort in setting a climate for learning.
2. Be sensitive to the day to day needs of your mentoring partner.
3. Identify and use multiple venues for communication.
4. Set a regular contact schedule but be flexible.
5. Establish milestones and consistent checkpoints.
6. Make sure that communication results in meaningful learning.
7. Share information and resources – but never as a substitute for personal interaction.


The heart of the mentoring relationship is learning. We recommend keeping a journal as a sure way to reflect upon your relationship and enrich your learning. Give yourself time to regularly write about your experiences. Examine situations. Note your feelings. Consider what happened and what was really going on. Don’t dwell on the detail. Capture a brief description and note some specifics, enough so that when you review this later on, you will be able to recall this clearly. Whatever stimulates your thinking will help you better understand your own behavior so note your frustrations, curiosities, and “magic moments.”

TAKE AWAY: If you get stuck, keep writing. Reflect on why that is so at this particular time. You may find that all you needed was a starting point and the rest will follow.

It is so critical that mentee’s have the tools, knowledge and capability to drive a mentoring relationship. Lory and I are so pleased that our book, The Mentee’s Guide, seems to be resonating with many different audiences. Here’s a link to a recent review: